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About me

Hello. I am Chankuy Kang, a frontend developer. I started web development since I made my first web service with Apache, PHP and MySQL in 2017. I am currently working as a frontend developer, but I am also interested in fullstack development, cloud services and DevOps. I always try to be a learning developer.


Viva Republica (Toss)

Frontend Developer • 2021.02 ~

I am currently working as a Toss core team frontend developer.

Flexpace Inc.

Frontend Developer • 2020.02 ~ 2020.12

I participated in various parts of frontend application, as a startup member.

  • Component & design system management, snapshot testing w/ Storybook, Zeplin
  • Material-UI based component development including custom Autocomplete, DateTime picker, etc.
  • Type-safe asynchronous API request status management w/ Redux, Redux Observable, typesafe-actions
  • Store synchronization from nested API response data w/ normalizr
  • Frontend & backend CI/CD setup w/ GitHub Actions
  • Frontend deployment over AWS S3, CloudFront
  • Migration of API server from EC2 to ECS

NCSoft Language AI Lab

Fullstack Developer • 2019.09 ~ 2019.12

I worked as a short-term intern. I participated in maintenance of old API, development of new API and introduction of TDD.

  • SSO API development w/ NodeJS, MongoDB, Redis
  • API testing, TDD w/ Mocha, Chai, Supertest
  • SSO user page, admin page development w/ Vue/Nuxt
  • SSO frontend & backend deployment w/ GitLab CI + Portainer
  • Upgraded old API page(Angular 7 → 8) and maintained



  • sysop (2019 spring~): maintain server, deploy updates
  • Wrote NodeJS client , migrated from Python 2 to 3, migrated KAIST IAM from v1 to v2


Skills that lack production experience are tilted.

Programming Languages

JavaScript (ES6, ES7), TypeScript (^3), Python (^3.6), C/C++, Java, Scala, Go

Web Frontend Frameworks & Libraries

React (w/ hooks), Redux (w/ Saga, Observable), Next, Gatsby, Storybook, Jest, Vue(Vuex, Nuxt), Angular

Mobile Frameworks & Libraries

React Native, Expo

Cloud Services: IaaS & PaaS & DBaaS

AWS (EC2, RDS, Route53, S3, CloudFront, VPC, IAM, ECS, ECR, ALB), Netlify, Vercel, MongoDB Atlas, GCP, Firebase

Backend Frameworks

NodeJS Express (w/ mongoose, MikroORM, pm2), Django (w/ DRF)


MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB, Redis


GitHub Actions, GitLab CI

System Engineering

Docker (Docker Compose, Portainer), Nginx


Linux, Git

Human Languages

Korean, English (fluent reading & writing, slow listening & speaking)

Collaboration Tools

Slack, Notion, Jira & Confluence


I am comfortable with data transfers with AJAX and REST API. I learned GraphQL just enough to run Gatsby projects. I have little experience on design. But I know how to cooperate with designers through design system.


KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

Undergraduate, School of Computing • 2018~

  • KAIST Presidential Fellowship
  • Dean's List (2018 spring)
  • School of Computing (2019 spring~)
  • SPARCS (2018 spring~): staff (2019 spring), wheel (2019 spring~), developer


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